Interview with Fiction Author Brie Farmer

  • M.A.Greene: My name is M.A.Greene. This interview is with Brie Farmer, the author of Stars Like Fate. So first can you tell us when you realized you wanted to be a writer?

Brie Farmer: I have always been iffy about answering this question. I did not write when I was younger. I had written five thousand words once for a class. It was ultimately only given an “It’s okay.” After that I had I only ever played around with Literary Role-playing and living within my own ideas. It was not until the 2016 Nanowrimo that I decided to try and write something. It was a huge bust but I made two great friends and decided to keep trying. This was when I started Stars Like Fate and between my writing, writing friends, and the writing warrior discord. I found a true love and passion for writing. So, I would say between Nov. 2016 and February 2017 was when I realized I wanted to write, no matter how hard it became.

  • M.A.Greene: That’s wonderful you decided to power through and finish writing a novel and publish it after only becoming serious about writing less than 2 yrs ago. Did you self publish or go the traditional publishing route?

Brie Farmer: Yes, powering threw is what I did. Because I love writing so much it was relatively easy for me to get what I wanted to do done. I decided to Self-publish for a few reasons. I just didn’t have it in me to query. I really disliked giving someone the rights to my book babies. Also to me, writing is very personal and something I do for enjoyment more than anything else. I was not looking to try and get repped and published through one of the big publishers. I just wanted to share my stories. So, I decided to start my own company and self-publish. It was something I decided very early on. Though, I did try pitch wars once.

  • M.A.Greene: You started your own publishing company? Wow another impressive accomplishment. Does your publishing company have a name and how did you go about developing that?

Brie Farmer: Wow, thinking back on it naming my company was hard. Though, you don’t need to start your own company for some PODs. There are some out there that you do. It’s also better if you plan to publish more then one book. So, I decided on going the extra step and do it. It’s more learning about what you need to do in your state. It was easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part was picking a name. I had so many ideas floating around in my mind. Like Clever Little Fox Publishing, Smart Owl Publishing, and a few others I don’t even remember. I was so conflicted because I didn’t like any of them. I had to pick one though. So, the day I was going in to start my business I thought of a new name that ultimately became my companies name. Obsidian Court Publishing is the name I decided on. Why? Well, it was cool. “Obsidian” was because I wanted some color and Obsidian is a black colored stone. This references my first ever W.I.P which is a dark fantasy. “Court” was simply used since I write I lot of high fantasy dealing with kingdoms and their court systems. I thought it was fitting to reference my first W.I.P which is on hold for now. Since it was the story that started it all.

  • M.A.Greene: That’s really interesting. Speaking of high fantasy, your debut novel Stars Like Fate is a High Fantasy novel. What aspects of high fantasy do you enjoy the most?

Brie Farmer: All of it? I love creating worlds as well as exploring new ones. Developing and learning about new magic systems and culture. Just creating or reading about characters that live in a world completely different then our own is amazing. High Fantasy is so free and unbound in my eyes.

  • M.A.Greene: Well you should always write the type of book you want to read. Where did the initial idea for Stars Like Fate come from?

Brie Farmer: Well, I was reading another series while taking a break between my the fail of my first nano and getting back to writing. I was just thinking that the character was locked up for some time, in the said story. Before I knew it, I wanted to write a story that started off with a woman locked up in a cell. So, in my head, I had this image of a blue-haired women standing behind this grand glowing gate. This was ultimately Saphryis, but that was all I had. A woman locked away for some unknown reason. Nyole was the first character to develop fully. A King playing peacekeeper between the kingdoms, but why? Before I knew it all these characters started to appear and connect together. Now the characters changed drastically from how I originally thought of them. The original character traits for a few of them just would not work in the story as a whole. Also, the original idea behind Saphryis’s cell was much barer than the nice room she got in the final draft.

  • M.A.Greene: It’s so interesting how stories come to us. Can you give us a brief description what Stars Like Fate is about?

Brie Farmer: Stars Like fate is about a king who is shown an ancient princess that he thought was a legend. He is tasked to find the key that will unlock her powers within her mind. He must learn to trust a woman who is seen as a monster and deal with the comfort he finds within the princess. All to assure safety for his kingdom and people.

  • M.A.Greene: Even if I hadn’t read the novel, that summary would make me interested in reading it. I know you told us how the idea came to you, but for writing it down what was your process? Did you write an outline first? Do you consider yourself more of a plotter or a panser?

Brie Farmer: Now I do not normally like to talk about my process because my process is not one I would recommend to others. Now that I have said that let’s talk about how my crazy mind works. So, I would say I am a plantser that leans more to a pantser. I do write down my original major scene or plot ideas down on a paper in a list. But, after my initial jotting down I might look at it once or twice during the whole first draft. Outlines are really not my thing. But, I do write down technical terms I need to remember such as capital names and kingdoms. I have a cork board with the Nyole’s family tree. If you ask any of my writing buddies I keep everything figured out and locked in my head. Many of them say I am a robot storing all the information and all they have to do is ask and I can pull it out at any time. So yes and no I outline. I outline really just while I am planning in my head. Writing down said ideas tend to keep more ideas forming. But after I start writing I hardly touch the outline which is more of a list. This process causes me to have to always rewrite my first draft. Nothing major but it has just become a part of my process. So normally I write the first draft in 1 or 1 1/2 months. and then rewrite it in another month. I normally average about six or seven different drafts throughout my writing process. Given, I only have two and a half W.I.P.s written and in different stages right now. So, this can and probably will change later.

  • M.A.Greene: Everyone is different. A first draft in less than 2 months is quite impressive. We can already tell your favorite genre is most likely High fantasy. What is your least favorite genre and why? Also what is your favorite book and least favorite book and why?

Brie Farmer: I dislike Contemporary and Y.A. Urban Fantasy. They just are not my thing given there are one or two Y.A. Urban Fantasies that I do like. Now I do not mind N.A. Urban Fantasy and Adult Urban Fantasy. My favorite books are anything by Sarah J. Mass. Throne of Glass and A Court Of Thorns and Roses steal my number one spots every time. I also like The Grisha Saga, Yona of the Dawn (Graphic Novel), and the Falling Kingdom Series. As for books, I don’t like. I don’t normally have books I just dislike. My list of dropped books is tiny. That being said I have two that I dropped rather fast. You by Caroline Kepnes and The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre. These are just not in my ally. It was not that they were bad books the writing was great. I am not, big on thrillers like these.

  • M.A.Greene: Your book Stars Like Fate and your book you are working on Warrior Protect both have romantic themes intertwined in the plots. What is it about the themes of romance that you find interesting to write about?

Brie Farmer: So, I have always been the type of reader to get butterflies when reading a sweet or loving scene. Stars Like Fate, and continuing books in the series, have a very slow burn romance. I love slow burns because you get more of that before the ship sets sail feelings. Warrior Protect which is a romance, having romance as the main plot point, gives you the faster paced passionate filled feelings. I love romance because I am a huge fangirl to book couples. I am a known shipper as well. It is just something I have to have in all of my books reading or writing. Even if its just a small bit. Even if its just some side characters. I need to see a bit.

  • M.A.Greene: What advice would you give aspiring writers and what do you want readers to take away after reading your books?

Brie Farmer: My advice would be to write what you love and enjoy. Find people or communities that support your writing. Nothing is more important than finding that one person who supports you. As for what people take away from my books. I just hope that people find a world they love to get lost in and character they fangirl over.

  • M.A.Greene: Thank you so much for this interview!

Brie Farmer: No problem it was my first one so I hope it was okay.

You can purchase Brie Farmer’s Stars Like Fate on amazon.

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