Book review of Brie Farmer’s Warrior Protect

Fantasy wallpapers high resolution 1Brie Farmer’s novel, Warrior Protect was a story I was anticipating to read once I discovered the premise. I was honored to read an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of this book. A royal princess, Aurora, marry gets into an arranged marriage is nothing new. However, when the young woman agrees to do so and the agreement is she will protect him because she has been trained as a warrior since childhood, that is new. I was intrigued by how the gender dynamics were switched and she was marrying for wealth only. Her fiance Cade, always seems to dart glowering looks at her so she automatically is not taking a liking to him. When she gets letters from a mysterious person what will she discover? How can this arranged marriage blossom into love? Will Aurora and Cade able to protect each other from what comes? The characters are three dimensional. Brie Farmer does a great job of showing the characters strengths, weakness and everything in between. The details are precise without verbose and this story is unique. Anyone who enjoys High Fantasy, romance and unique take on what it means to love and protect should get this book once it is on the shelves.

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