Book Review of Andrea F. Harkins’ The Martial Arts Woman: Motivational Stories of Human Triumph

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This book combines the various experiences women of differing backgrounds have as they share how martial arts has impacted their lives. Set in different categories, these women enlighten readers on how martial arts has empowered them. Andrea Harkins is an author, speaker, martial artist, and magazine and newspaper columnist. Some of the stories are specifically hers while others belong to other martial artists.

This book enlightens readers showing that martial arts is not simply about physical strength but digging up strength in many other parts of life. They showed, how even though there have been and continue to be sexist views to women who practice martial arts, the rewards far outweigh the adversity. Obviously, learning martial arts is about protecting oneself. However, many of these women had to unlearn the social barriers that had been instilled in them since childhood, such as learning to be more assertive. Stories of how it helped through physical illnesses and how they passed the lessons learned down to their children so they could kick down any barriers in their way inspiring.

Another fascinating piece of treasure about this book is how it explained how often women build and have various social expectations that differ from than men. It showed the ways women martial arts can especially be empowering for them, such as learning to be more assertive and hold onto their identities when they became wives and mothers.

Many of these women had their own insecurities about starting their practice in at various stages of their lives. Every woman should read this book. Any man who in their lives who are practice martial arts should read this as well. This book is not about disqualifying or belittling men who practice martial arts but highlighting how being Wonder Woman is not a requirement to learn martial arts. It takes ordinary person willing to step into learning what can help them a greater version of themselves.

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