Book Review of Megan Tennant’s Aletheia

When I read the author has a degree in biology that was a hint Megan Tennant would add something new to the dystopian genre. That was only the beginning of something more spectacular. 736 is a complicated protagonist who lives in a world that makes readers shiver. She has standards but is real and flawed. This book engulfs the audience in every detail 736 experiences. It might not start off at the speed most novels of this genre do, but that’s because the relationships of various characters are examined with more depth many other dystopian novels. The author goes beyond simply giving readers a dystopian novel with twists and turns.

One unique aspect of Aletheia is many of gender norms in our present society are not the norm. However, there are many other aspects of this world that still present but far worst. For instance, social control, “a formal and informal way of increasing conformity and social norms” is still present in this novel. (The Real World: An Introduction To Sociology) It is very present when 736 and many others, in the compound, the institution the cured forced to wear bracelets that will give them pain when certain rules are disobeyed. The absolute monarchy “which usually have complete control over their subjects like dictators and constitutional monarchs” (The Real World: An Introduction To Sociology) is the Prophet. He is the religious leader and only one with the sacred cure to stop the spread of the disease. The price, however, is people’s memories from before they drink the cure will be gone even though your future memories are protected from extinction.

Aletheia does not gloss over anything that could happen in this post-apocalyptic world novel. Before readers even start, there is a trigger warning so they can go to a website with listed concepts in the story that might trigger someone who might suffer PTSD or might be unprepared for how vividly real this story can get. I finished the book by devouring 11 chapters in one day to discover how this story would end. The first word is “Who” and the last word is “death.” Read Aletheia to find out how everything is linked. I really do not think there is another book like this on the shelves.

M.A.Greene: Hello. I’m M.A.Greene a YA author reaching for publication. You can follow me on writing journey on Twitter @MAGreene96.

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