Book Review of Kerri Maniscalco ‘s Stalking Jack The Ripper

I heard about this book from an author Youtube video and knew I had to read it when the chance arose. Audrey is 17-year-old progressive thinker stuck 1888 London. It’s a time when women society treats women as inferiors. Thankfully she has an uncle who lets her disguise herself as a boy so she can attend his forensic science classes. At the class, she meets Thomas, a witty, handsome man who was a keen sense of observational skills. Unlike her who looks the other way when she brother, overprotective father and many of the men in society, Thomas respects and encourages her intelligence especially as far as solving the murders by Jack the Ripper. Audrey is empathetic about the women were murdered by Jack and is determined to assist help hunt him down. But when she starts to suspect the killer’s identity is someone close to her what will she do? Kerri Maniscalco masterfully weaves forensic science, historical events and memorable characters in this mystery novel.

Hello there. My name is M.A.Greene a writer reaching for publication. I am revising a YA Sci-fi/Fantasy novel and write short stories and poems. You can follow my writing journey on Twitter at

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